Apple having plenty of new products in the works

posted at 04 July, 2013

Apple seems to be having some new products in store for us meant to be released this fall, as chief executive Tim Cook met with Store Leaders and left them confident that Apple’s upcoming fall lineup will be varied and strong. Tim Cook organized the meeting trying to increase iPhone sales through Apple Stores which are very efficient in selling MacBooks and iPads, but only manage to sell around 20% of the total number of iPhones, as 80% of iPhone are sold via carriers and other channels.

Naturally, Apple wants to change this situation as it considers the iPhone extremely important since people who buy it will probably buy other Apple devices as well.

Apple having plenty of new products in the works image 1

The first fruits of that effort can already be seen as Apple has just launched a Back to School promo campaign that offers a $50 gift card to iPhone purchases for students. There is also another trade-in program that is set to launch in the near future as part of Apple’s strategy to turn Apple Stores into the best place to buy an iPhone.

Another topic discussed by Cook with Apple Store Leaders refers to a rumor that carrier stores provide incentives to employees to sell devices other than the iPhone. Apple cannot do much about this, so it tries to concentrate more on selling devices in its own stores.

The importance of iOS to the company’s future was also a point of debate, but the most important piece of news seems to be the fact that Apple is ready to release a brand new selection of iPhone, iPad and Macs this fall.

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