BlackBerry Q10 review: Typical BlackBerry smartphone

posted at 05 June 2013 by Josh

Here the Q10 has an advantage over its big brother though, as it arrives packing version 10.1 of the software, while the Z10 is still stuck on BB10 was meant to be huge step forwards for BlackBerry and should practically do what iOS 6, Android Jelly Bean and Windows Phone 8 do.

But even if BlackBerry 10 OS is visually-appealing and fluid enough, it is definitely not better than iOS or Android (even Windows Phone), as it lacks the features that should make it stand out.

BlackBerry Q10 review: Typical BlackBerry smartphone - User interface, functionality and multimedia image 1

There is no Home button, so you’ll have to swipe from the bottom in order to minimize an app and return to the home screen, which would be ok for a phone with a bigger display (like the Z10), but rather frustrating when using the Q10. The 1.5GHz dual-core processor backed up by 2GB of RAM inside the BlackBerry Q10 provides more than enough power for every day tasks and makes BB 10 run smoothly for the most part.

But, as we said, after you use the Q10 for a while it becomes apparent that the OS is built for a fully touchscreen device, and not the rather smallish 3.1-inch display. However, the 3.1-inch display will look gargantuan to BlackBerry fans, at least when compared to QWERTY-toting older BlackBerry handsets.

The BlackBerry Hub is at the heart of the messaging experience in BB 10, being an always-on application that integrates all your communication activities including text messages, email, calls and notifications. You can always return to the BlackBerry Hub by doing a swipe up and then right gesture.

BlackBerry Q10 review: Typical BlackBerry smartphone - User interface, functionality and multimedia image 2

The QWERTY keyboard stands as a major attraction point for the Q10, as it looks simply great, and provides a nice clicking feel when pressed. The keyboard will definitely be enjoyed by those who like to do a lot of typing on their phone. The Email client of the Q10 is also good (although not great), and will get the job done, but, once again, the small screen isn't going to help.

The BlackBerry Q10 packs an 8-megapixels camera with a UI that only has the basic necessities like a number of shooting and scene modes. There is no dedicated camera shutter, and camera quality is rather disappointing, although it has 8-megapixels, and the photos come out a bit noisy and lack fine detail. The BlackBerry Q10 can record 1080p video that comes out pretty smooth and pleasant to watch, although not very sharp.

Unfortunately, in terms of multimedia, the BlackBerry Q10 is a bitter disappointment, as with its small, 3.1-inch screen and a peculiar aspect ratio of 1:1 video playback and gaming are far from offering a pleasant experience. Moreover, the earphones that come with the device are of rather poor quality and you’ll probably have to buy yourself another pair in case listening to music on your phone is one of your favorite activities.