BlackBerry Q10 review: Typical BlackBerry smartphone

posted at 05 June 2013 by Josh

Surfing the web with BlackBerry’s very capable browser for BB 10 should be a breeze if it hadn’t been for the small screen and its 1:1 aspect ratio. It is such a shame since the capable browser and the powerful processor make everything move swiftly even if there is no Flash support.

Speaking of connectivity, the BlackBerry Q10 is very well-equipped as it sports LTE, HSPA, Wi-Fi protocols, a Micro HDMI port, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. You get 16 GB of built-in storage, which is more than enough, especially for the Q10, but if you need more, you can always use a microSD card of up to 64 GB.

We are glad to inform you that call quality on the BlackBerry Q10 is above average, with clear and strong voices on both ends of the line. The loudspeaker is also pretty good offering a pretty strong output and producing some deep tones. The large 2100mAh battery offers a pretty long battery life that is almost on par with older BlackBerrys, and this is mostly thanks to the small screen size. It should be able to last for about 8-10 hours of moderate usage without having to charge it.

BlackBerry Q10 review: Typical BlackBerry smartphone - Connectivity, performance and conclusion image 1

The BlackBerry Q10 is a typical BlackBerry sporting the traditional BB form-factor and the physical QWERTY keyboard. It is thus a niche smartphone, a device aimed exclusively at existing BlackBerry users, as we believe the Q10 is not really capable of attracting new ones.

It is however a decent performer, as it can do anything BlackBerry fans would need and even more. It has the advantage of a really good QWERTY keyboard, as well as an excellent BlackBerry Hub with email and BBM integration. On the other hand, when compared to a decent contemporary Android smartphone, an iPhone, or even a Windows Phone, the Q10 is in disadvantage in almost every area.

- Great physical QWERTY keyboard
- Excellent BlackBerry Hub
- Snappy dual core processor
- Decent 300ppi pixel density
- Good battery life

- Smallish screen with 1:1 aspect ratio
- Mediocre camera
- Improvable BlackBerry OS 10