Consumer Reports rates AT&T as U.S. worst carrier

posted at 29 November, 2012

It is no longer a surprise when Consumer Reports criticizes the iPhone or rates AT&T as the worst carrier of all carriers. And, while the publication seems to have changed its opinion on Apple’s iPhone with the latest sixth-generation handset, its perception on AT&T has not changed.

This annual report again places the nation’s second-largest carrier last, while Verizon was considered the highest-rated carrier in Consumer Reports, with a great score for voice and data service quality and "for support attributes like staff knowledge and resolution of issues."

Consumer Reports rates AT&T as U.S. worst carrier image 1

According to Consumer Reports, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T all received "middling to low marks" in voice and text service quality, but once again AT&T was the lowest rated carrier overall. On the other hand, it might not be all that bad for AT&T, as the carrier actually had the best rated 4G LTE network and LTE users on AT&T reported the least problems out of all the networks.

AT&T has also recently expanded its LTE coverage to 103 markets which now means it is covering about 150 million people (although, of course, not everybody is using a 4G LTE device). In case everybody moves to LTE in the near future, AT&T will stop being rated last by Consumer Reports.

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