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je veux la conixion dont ma portable

I'm so eagerly waiting the local shop to bring it (they apparently ran out of these phones, lol).

BTW, to those that say it's shit... like touchscreen is not that responsive and you have to press it a bit and not only touch like the iPhone:
It costs way lesser than the iPhone or other touchphones (Android OS, etc) and if anything brokes, it's cheap to replace. A new screen for this phone is arund 20 so... it can even broke once 6 months, if you have some bran, u can DIY and pay only for the actual screen or what did broke.

Overall, it's a great phone for those that had enough with normal, keyboard phone but don't want to pay up to 500 on a smart(touch)phone.

The picture quality is good (i didn't got to see a photo of it in my pc, but in the phone at maximum zoom it looks ok), the 3.15 MP camera really seems to do his thing.

Autofocus is missing (I THINK) but that is not really needed since it is a phone, not a camera.

Just buy it people, the phone seems great, the touchscreen is fast, when u draw or write, you get instant screen feedback, you can have it vibrate when you pess something correctly and you get a full pack in the box (data cable and headphones - which I haven't tested as I didn't got it yet)

Hope this helped.

like the phone but the battery does not give me enough time to do my stuff...cause it does not even last me a full day if listening to music..... pls i need a solution...

great phone, at first. after 5 months, the screen apparently 'pressure cracked' or something, not only that, but the phone is horribley plasticky and feels very flimsy.

so, if it cant stand hot weather without cracking, it's quite frankly useless.

Hello, iam italian and here this kind of phone its very used by young people. But i buy it and i tink its a little more of a wonderfoul toy, its not for serious people, so i given to my mother :)

I just got my phoine yesterday, and im VERY satisfied...I got it in Italy so maybe that has to do with why i like it so much...lol but very good battery, performance just wish there was a few more options. But very pleased!!

hello zac
i just saw ur message
i use a lot mobile for work
lg is not the right one u can use it for week ends and leasure
if u use a lot the phone or u have to call in 2 second sombody the lg is not the right
any way those touch screen are not easy to mange
i prefere the classical ones
i spend 250 for nothing i try to sell it since i had it but no body wants it.
its not that good its a petty
i going to take a new N.............................A

Nabil, I am bit confused, all my friends say this is a great phone. What problems do you really have with this phone? Should I buy it or not? Pls reply!

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