Microsoft officially unveils Windows 8.1

posted at 26 June, 2013

Microsoft has officially unveiled Windows 8.1 that brings plenty of new features and finally enables support for high-resolution displays. Windows 8.1 Preview is currently available for developers, with the final versions expected to become available to users this fall. With support for high-res displays, Microsoft will finally be able to deliver devices like the Surface Pro with sharper displays, thus catching up with companies like Apple or Google.

Windows 8.1 includes new features such as the return of the Windows button, a brand new search interface with a few changes to the user interface, new apps like Flipboard and Facebook, as well as more customization capabilities.

Microsoft officially unveils Windows 8.1 image 1

Live Tiles now come in additional sizes, backgrounds are animated, and you will be able to set any image for a lock-screen wallpaper. The Start button has returned for the desktop mode and offers the Modern Live Tile UI. The alignment features allow you to snap apps side to side, change the window size, and snap not only two but more applications.

The new “Bing Heroes” search feature comes with impressive graphics, and searching for celebrities would bring a full screen interface with images, bios, and media, as well as traditional search results. Just like Apple, Microsoft scaled up the OS to 200%, meaning that developers will have to update applications in order for text and images to look crisp.

Microsoft seems to have listened to its critics and is now fixing many of the initial flaws of Windows 8.

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