Nokia’s new music and games portal

posted at 30 August, 2007

Nokia, the world’s largest mobile phones manufacturer decided to counterstrike Apple on its own field – on line music services.

In London on Wednesday, Nokia announced the launch of a new portal, which will include a Nokia Music Store and N-Gage gaming services.

The company also revealed a new touch-screen phone, the N81, which which seems to be a potential challenger to Apple's own iPhone.

Nokia’s new music and games portal image 1

Nokia's new portal will be called Ovi and will allow its users to download music, maps, games and other online services.

Nokia intends to launch its music sales in the European market by the end of this year.
The company promised to offer tracks and albums from all the world's largest music producers at competitive prices.

By now, only Apple's iTunes has been able to provide such a large variety of materials for users to download.

Single tracks will cost 1 EUR, while full albums start from 10 EUR, and can be downloaded either via a computer or directly through the mobile phone.

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