Pantech Crossover review: Android 2.2 on board

posted at 30 July 2011 by Dan

The Pantech Crossover is powered by a 600MHz processor, which actually offers a decent platform experience. You might be facing some levels of lag at times, but this is understandable for this rather inexpensive smartphone.

A customized Android experience runs on top of Android 2.2 Froyo, and it’s more than functional with Pantech’s specific set of widgets.

Pantech Crossover user interface menu

The device boasts the stock and Swype keyboards, with a good level of responsiveness, although, the tiny size of buttons in both landscape and portrait mode, make it hard to type without mistakes.

The Gmail experience is basically the same experience you will find in almost any Android powered smartphone, with its rich set of features such as threaded conversations and the ability to label items. Setup is quite simple as it only requires your email address and password for automatic setup.

Being an AT&T smartphone, you will find the carrier’s set of applications preloaded with the handset, such as AT&T Code Scanner, AT&T FamilyMap, AT&T Mark the Spot, AT&T Navigator, Live TV, and myAT&T. There are also a couple of third party apps preinstalled such as AllSport GPS and YPmobile.

Pantech Crossover ATT applications

Internet and Connectivity

You will certainly need patience when it comes to web browsing as it takes a while to load up complex web pages, and be prepared to experience some lag and slowdown from time to time. The phone lacks Flash support, so you can’t enjoy that desktop-like experience, but its operation turned out more than acceptable.

It is a GSM smartphone, so you’ll be able to take the Pantech Crossover everywhere without having to worry about being disconnected. The device also offers GPS for location-based services, Bluetooth 2.1, as well as mobile hotspot functionality to share data with up to 5 Wi-Fi devices.