Renesas MP5232 smartphone processor unveiled

posted at 17 February, 2012

Today, Renesas announced the availability of the MP5232, a new smartphone processor which combines high performance dual-core processing with HSPA+ and LTE radios, all on the same chip. The chip is expected to be found in smartphones that cost as little as $150.

It is the first high-performance smartphone platform designed to enable OEMs to accelerate high volume LTE/HSPA+ capable smartphones, tablets as well as mobile Internet devices.

Renesas MP5232 smartphone processor unveiled image 1

The new MP5232 smartphone processing platform combines a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, graphics processing, and HSPA+ and LTE modems on a single die, which is not necessarily new, but the good thing is it can be installed in smartphones that are priced in the $150 to $300 range.

As you know, smartphones this cheap will probably sell for almost nothing when signing a new two-year contract, and that’s because carriers usually subsidize at least $200 of their cost. The MP5232 platform is expected to set a new benchmark in terms of integration and performance for fully featured high-volume LTE devices.

Renesas is hoping hopes that smartphones powered by the MP5232 chip will hit the market “in as little as six to nine months”.

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