SPB Shell 3D App Review

posted at 01 March, 2012

SPB Shell 3 is a delightful customizable home screen replacement by SPB Software, an interactive 3D animated environment for you to use on any Android device with Android 2.1 and higher. It is the new Android launcher so many people are talking about, regarded by many as the “next generation interface”.

Although quite expensive (at least when compared to other launchers on the market), at around the $15, it is rendered in beautiful 3D and makes other launchers look insignificant.

But it is not just a homescreen replacement which allows you to choose how to interact with your Android device, it is also an upgrade to the system with amazing graphics, great 3D widgets, cool-looking panels, great animations and all kinds of aesthetic improvements. The home screens scroll from side to side just like most launchers, but there is also a carousel button that makes your screens spin, which allows you to flick to the screen you want.

You have a big number of possibilities to add or subtract panels to and from your home screens, and each of them contains widgets, shortcuts, as well as app thumbnails including 3D animations.

You get each panel sitting in a carousel next to the rest of your panels as you place it in the editor. While in edit mode, you are allowed to store your panels in a 3D pile, even change each of their names and colors.

SPB Shell 3D App Review

In the 3D carousel mode, you will see animations of the widgets, which show you a preview of your widget’s functions, or even what’s inside the widget (so you won’t have to open it). A nice example is that messages will pop up in the air, large enough to even see them. In regular homescreen mode, panels are quite similar to what you are normally used to, except that the transition between panels is a bit more dynamic.

However, there are some negative aspects you should keep in mind before purchasing the app; it is certainly very expensive, it can eat your battery power quite fast, it doesn’t support live wallpapers, it doesn’t work with bigger screens yet, there are no Twitter or Facebook widgets, and it might also take a while to boot up (it takes about 40 seconds to load up each restart).

The interface is easy and beautiful to use, the screens glide from one to another very smoothly and the widgets are quite intuitive and nice. Overall, SPB Shell 3D is a completely new look on Android without having to change the heart of the UI. You will be able to customize your Android experience in a beautiful way (otherwise only available by hacking or rooting your system).

You can download the application from the Android Market but it will set you back $15.

Main features:
- Smooth 3D graphics
- Beautiful 3D widgets for weather, world time, SMS messages
- Very good screen transitions
- Smart folders
- Nicely rendered panels
- Hugely customizable 3D screens and panels
- Cool animations
- Nice innovative UI.