Solavei is the first US carrier to offer the BlackBerry Z10 for $999

posted at 11 February, 2013

You probably know that no major U.S. carrier will start offering the BlackBerry Z10 (which is already on sale in the UK and Canada) until mid-March, but, what you probably don’t know is that you can already purchase the smartphone through Solavei, a little-known virtual operator (MVNO) in the US. This virtual carrier has been offering its services since September of 2012 and rides atop T-Mobile’s network providing GSM / EDGE / UMTS / HSPA+ access to its subscribers.

Solavei is the first US carrier to offer the BlackBerry Z10 for $999 image 1

This is the good news. The bad new, however, is that the privilege of being among the first US owners of a BlackBerry Z10 will come at a steep price. Solavei has the smartphone listed for $999 on the page of its retail partner GSM Nation. Although this is better than what it costs on eBay, it is still too much for most of potential buyers.

In case you are interested in Solavei's services, we can tell you that the MVNO has an unlimited mobile plan with 4GB of full-speed data which costs you $49 per month. Considering that you can bring your own unlocked smartphone and don't need to sign a long-term contract, it is not bad at all. The virtual carrier also has a referral program that may reduce costs or help you make some money in exchange for bringing new subscribers.

Solavei currently offers the ATIV S for $605, the Galaxy S III for $575, the Nexus 4 for $405 and the Ascend P1 for $391.

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