Sony Ericsson txt pro review: Heavy texter

posted at 19 September 2011 by Paul

The Sony Ericsson txt pro, a compact feature phone with an attractive full QWERTY slide-out keyboard, comes with a dedicated Friends application for sharing Facebook and Twitter updates. This practically makes the txt pro a social phone, and it was even announced on Facebook.

The phone should also be very attractive to heavy texters thanks to its 4-row physical keyboard, but not only to them, considering its affordable price and Wi-Fi connectivity. The txt pro is a feature phone with a touchscreen, and there are not many out there, but, unfortunately, it will have to face comparisons with low-end Androids.

Sony Ericsson txt pro color variants

What is in the box:

- Sony Ericsson txt pro phone
- 1000mAh battery
- Stereo headsets
- Wall charger with detachable USB cable
- User guides

The Sony Ericsson txt pro is very compact, weighs 100 g (3.53oz) but is quite thick at 18mm (0.71”). The 3-inch scratch-resistant capacitive touch screen has a resolution of only 240x400 pixels, but is responsive enough to touch, with average viewing angles.

Sony Ericsson txt pro front view

The plastic materials used to build the phone and its miniature dimensions give it the aspect of a toy. However, it looks well built and the nice soft touch coating on the back cover feels great.

The right side of the handset houses the volume rocker and the camera button. There's nothing on the its left side.

Sony Ericsson txt pro side view

The side sliding mechanism seems quite solid in operation, and popping the keyboard in and out happens with a distinct loud clicking sound. The 4-row QWERTY is small, but the buttons are well spaced for most hands, and the big majority of users won't have a problem handling it.

Sony Ericsson txt pro QWERTY keypad open

Thanks to its curved back the Sony Ericsson txt pro will feel comfortable to hold both in portrait orientation and in landscape modes. On the front there is a half-circle home button, a signature feature of Sony Ericsson's latest handsets. It is very big and easy to press, and seems a welcome addition.