Verizon LTE announces its 500th LTE market

posted at 28 June, 2013

While AT&T takes pride in the fastest LTE network in the U.S., Verizon certainly has the most expansive one, announcing that it has completed its 500th market. This means that Verizon's LTE network has come to cover almost the same area as its CDMA network.

Verizon started building its LTE network in 2010, and currently it covers 99% of its CDMA footprint. The honor as the 500th market to get Verizon's LTE network belongs to Parkersburg, West Virginia. Verizon's LTE network now covers 298 million people, which is pretty impressive considering there are only about 330 million in the whole country with a big portion represented by children who don't really need LTE service.

Verizon LTE announces its 500th LTE market image 1

Verizon has not turned on LTE service in Alaska yet, but this is expected to happen next month, and will mark Verizon’s presence in all 50 states for the first time since Alaska didn’t have Verizon coverage before.

However, completing the buildout is just one step of the process, as Verizon still needs to work on increasing network capacity in more densely populated areas such as New York City. Verizon confirmed that it is already working on it, and says that its newly acquired AWS spectrum is part of the solution.

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